Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Curvy Girl's Guide to Buying Pants

The majority of clothing designers seem to make pants based on the figures of 16 year old Ukrainian supermodels. For those of us who are built with hips and butts and (let’s be honest here) thighs that go OUT, and waists that go IN, shopping for pants can be excruciating. So, when the fashion world is not ready for your jelly, I’ve developed a few tips to try and make the shopping process more bearable.

First, this is a shopping trip you do alone. This is not you and your best friend Tiffani giggling as you pick out cute outfits and then go do lunch. This trip is a dark night of the soul, a time of examining the nature of good and evil and questioning the existence of a benevolent God.

I'm guest blogging today for the incredibly generous (or totally insane) Elizabeth Esther over at Please head on over to read "The Curvy Girl's Guide to Buying Pants". And yes, I know you are supposed to hyperlink or hyperdrive or something. Be patient. I have the tech skills of a sloth.

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