Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I hate intros

Couldn't I just start talking in the middle? Do I really have to introduce anything?



I was in an abusive church for 12 years (henceforth known as the "POS Church"). Now I'm in a never never land where I can't be a Christian anymore, but I'm trying to figure out how spirituality plays some role in my life.

I want to ask the hard questions. Who is God? What is God? Why don't they make pants for girls with big butts?

Ok, I also want to talk about the totally random things that run through my brain. Some of my posts may only be two sentences long. (Why DON'T they make pants for girls with big butts?)

I may only be talking to myself. That's ok. If you happen to find my little corner of weirdness? Welcome. I'm sorry. 


  1. Hello,

    I look forward to reading.

    Aren't you glad to know you'll have at least *one* reader? ;-)

  2. Hi Kat,

    You're not just talking to yourself. I discovered your blog this morning through Elizabeth Esther. Been there (abusive church, 20 years), done that (neverland of confusion). Still have major triggers (been out over 20 years now), but survived with some faith.

    I enjoy your writing. If I can just say from my experience, writing helps (although it might not grow you a leg), especially if it connects you with real people who are fellow survivors. In my experience, connection with a group of people who get it is has to come first before figuring out spirituality (again). Keep writing, they will come....

  3. @Montana Wildflower - Thanks! And yes, I'm happy for whoever reads. It's helping that I'm finally letting people know that I have a blog.

    @Me - Thanks for reading. Moving on is a process, I think I finally get that now.